All the schools belonging to the Presentation family were invited to participate and display their models. The competition was held among the different schools and prizes were awarded for the best.

We displayed our project touching the different aspects of biodiversity.

Classes I, II and III had Flora and Fauna as their theme. The primary children also exhibited their talents by making charts and models which expressed their innovative ideas.

Std IV and V presented their project on ‘Water World’. The backdrop on the under- water world was an eye – catcher and the models displayed left us pondering on what could be done to save our water resources and aquatic animals.

Std VI, VII and VIII highlighted on Conservation. Children made models on afforestation, deforestation and melting of glaciers.

Std IX displayed an informative project on different kinds of energy and the need to preserve it. Much information on the different kinds of energy was given and methods were explained practically.

Our seniors of Std X focused on the Eco – system. Working models on oil spillage, sewage disposal and purification of water were the highlights of the day. The seniors demonstrated them effectively.

The main attraction for the day was the forest set up with life size animals which captivated all the on – lookers. The exhibition on the whole revealed talent and a scientific spirit. The charts, working models and experiments made by the students, covered all the topics on biodiversity.

The students of the participating schools who were given different topics, displayed great enthusiasm. The judges had a difficult time but unanimously St. Joseph’s, Perambur and St. Columban’s, George Town were given the first place. St. Aloysius A. I. Hr.Sec. School won the second place and Sacred Heart Matriculation Hr. Sec School won the third place.

Children participated with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm. They found the project an interesting, useful, enlightening and an enriching experience. The ‘Green Day Project’ thus was a real eye – opener and helped to create an awareness among the students about the environment.