If I could be of service in saving souls in any part of the world, I would willingly do all in my power”, said Nano Nagle, the Foundress of the Presentation Sisters hailing from a noble family of Ireland and who is today known as The Greatest Irish Woman of all Time.

Following in the Spirit and the Charism of Nano Nagle, The Presentation Sisters came from Ireland to be of service to the people of India. The first Sisters came to India in 1842 and set up their first foundation in George Town.

From here they moved to various parts of the city and thus it was that on July 2nd at the request of Most Rev.J.Aelen, Arch Bishop of Madras, the Presentation Sisters in Vepery Convent agreed to take over the St. Anthony’s Primary School in Egmore, which was languishing in the parish of St. Anthony’s, Pudupet. It was threatened with closure by the educational authority. This school catered to the poor specially the Anglo –Indian children of the locality.

The strength of the school at that time was just 75. And Mother Teresa Coyn with Sr. Xavier Moran, Sr. M. Cecilia Clarke and Sr. Bridget Brown took charge of the little school.

The Presentation Sisters work in five continents and in India their presence is spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari working in schools, hospitals, villages and slums.

Today St.Anthony’s school has around 900 children, both boys and girls from lower income group. Our vision is the all round development of the individual child with great sense of discipline and commitment to hard work together with moral values. Through our education we impart to our children and parents the values of Jesus Christ, and Nano our foundress. We give importance to values like love, peace, mercy, justice and non – violence together with relationships and love for Mother Earth.

Our faculty consists of a well qualified staff who with their talents, experience, hard work and dedication teach the students not only the prescribed subjects but also help them to take responsibility for their actions through critical thinking. W. B. Yeats says: “Education is not filling up a pail, but lighting a fire.” And that is what we do in St. Anthony’s. We enkindle a fire in them and that make them go far in life. We are proud to say that St. Anthony’s boys and girls are found in every corner of the world with great achievements to their credit

May the Green and Gold of St. Anthony’s flag keep flying high. We the management, staff and students of St. Anthony’s Anglo – Indian High School, send good wishes and blessings to all other Anglo – Indian Schools.
God bless all.